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The Philosophy of Spinoza

Baruch de Spinoza was born into the Jewish community of Amsterdam on November 24, 1632. His parents were Jews who had fled, along with many others, from the vicious ...[több]...

ekönyv: 257,- Ft 
The People that Time Forgot

The People That Time Forgot is a direct sequel to The Land That Time Forgot and continues the lost world saga begun in the earlier story. Burroughs continues the ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Law of the Land

Ah, but it was a sweet and wonderful thing to see Miss Lady dance, a strange and wondrous thing! She was so sweet, so strong, so full of grace, so like a bird in ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Last Egyptian

The novel focuses on three main characters, and is written in a third person limited point of view, which subtly shifts among the three characters, the narrator ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The King James Bible

The King James Version (KJV), also known as the King James Bible (KJB) or simply the Authorized Version (AV), is an English translation of the Christian Bible for ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Innocence of Father Brown

Chesterton portrays Father Brown as a short, stumpy Roman Catholic priest, with shapeless clothes and a large umbrella, and an uncanny insight into human evil.. ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The House Under the Sea

Many gentlemen have asked me to write the story of Ken's Island, and in so far as my ability goes, that I will now do. A plain seaman by profession, one who ha ...[több]...

ekönyv: 257,- Ft 
The House of the Seven Gables

The novel is set in the mid-19th century, but flashbacks to the history of the house, which was built in the late 17th century, are set in other periods. The house ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The History of Freedom and Other Essays

The two volumes here published contain but a small selection from the numerous writings of Acton on a variety of topics, which are to be found scattered throug ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Diary of a Nobody

The diary begins on 3 April of an unstated year, and runs for approximately 15 months. In a short prologue, readers are informed that Charles Pooter and his wife ...[több]...

ekönyv: 257,- Ft 
The Coming of Cuculain

The Red Branch feasted one night in their great hall at Emain Macha. So vast was the hall that a man, such as men are now, standing in the centre and shouting his ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Clue

A classic from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, The Clue falls squarely in the tradition of two favorite mystery sub-genres the Big House Mystery and the Locked ...[több]...

ekönyv: 257,- Ft 
The City of Pleasure

The remarkable City of Pleasure is the background for a story of mystery, romance, humour and numerous complications. The dour, uninteresting, but rich Josephus ...[több]...

ekönyv: 257,- Ft 
The Christ of Paul

Let the reader imagine that he is in Jerusalem, in Judea, about the year A.D. 34. There is unusual tumult in the vicinity of the Temple. A large crowd has gathered, ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Chestermarke Instinct

Bank manager John Hornbury is missing along with jewels from the vault. So why are bank owners Gabriel Chestermarke and his nephew Joseph refusing to call in the ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 
The Canterville Ghost

The home of the Canterville Ghost was the ancient Canterville Chase, which has all the accoutrements of a traditional haunted house. Descriptions of the wainscoting, ...[több]...

ekönyv: 258,- Ft 

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