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Night Terrors

Magic has a cost. Sarah Beauhall, blacksmith and dragon slayer doesn’t know just how high. Her lover, Katie Cornett, has finally been overwhelmed by this spirali ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 590,- Ft 
Neil Peart - Cultural Repercussions

Though Neil Peart is universally acknowledged as one of the greatest living drummers, few studies have been devoted to his writings. Yet, Peart is very much a man ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 521,- Ft 
Mythology Abroad

Keith Doyle and Holl, one of the Little Folk, set off on an educational tour to find their roots. Keith knows his family comes from the south of Ireland, but Holl ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 521,- Ft 
Mythology 101

Keith Doyle, believer in myths, goodhearted nerd, general busybody, and business major at Midwestern University, discovers to his joy—and horror—that a secret vil ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 590,- Ft 
Mythical Creatures

An original, standalone story in the TERRA INCOGNITA universe: A prester in search of penance accepts an assignment to the rugged Soeland Islands, but he must confront ...[több]...

ekönyv: 299,- Ft 
Minotaur - A Mechanical Myth

A futuristic retelling of Icarus, Theseus, and the Minotaur in a city run by artificial gods As daughter of the royal architect, Ikki set out to discover a new world ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 521,- Ft 
Million Dollar Professionalism

Since the 1990s, bestsellers Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta have helped thousands and thousands of writers to develop the mindset of career professionals. ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 521,- Ft 
Million Dollar Productivity

Life is crazy and hectic for most of us. We’re surrounded with personal and family obligations, jobs, fitness programs, virtual mountains of email, not to menti ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 590,- Ft 
METAtropolis - The Wings We Dare Aspire

In a near future Pacific Northwest, the mysterious Tygre Tygre shows up unannounced at the hidden city of Cascadiapolis, and sets events in motion that lead to the ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 590,- Ft 

Memorymakers tells the story of an ancient race of beings called the Ch’Var, who live among humans. They look like humans, act like humans, talk like humans. The ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 538,- Ft 
Medicine Show

It’s the most unusual medical unit in the galaxy – and it makes house calls. A fully equipped starship lab, Taylor’s Ark is run by Dr. Shona Taylor, a spec ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 538,- Ft 
Maximum Velocity

The Full-Throttle Space Tales series collected action-packed, high octane, science fiction stories across the full potential of the genre. Here, the original editors ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 538,- Ft 
Mark Coffin, U.S.S.

Back in print! The epic story of a Senator’s rise and fall. Mark Coffin of California was barely thirty years old when he won a startling upset victory in his ra ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 590,- Ft 
March or Die

Stranded in a Galactic Rebellion

As the Terran Commonwealth expanded the borders of the interstellar territories it controlled, a waning alien race was ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 524,- Ft 
Man of Two Worlds

What if the entire universe happened to be the creation of alien minds? Dreens are extraordinary storytellers—and they can actually make the worlds they imagi ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 490,- Ft 
Mammoth Dawn

Extinction is not permanent. Not anymore.
Multi-millionaire researcher Alex Pierce has developed cutting-edge genetic techniques to extract viable DNA from preserved ...[több]...

ekönyv: 1 219,- Ft 

első oldal | előző 2 3 4 5 6 következő | utolsó oldal [49 - 64 | 11870]   



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